5 Easy Fruit Smoothies Recipes to Try

5 Easy Fruit Smoothies Recipes to Try

I love smoothies for breakfast especially in summer when they are so refreshing.

There are three good reasons to make a healthy recipe smoothie for yourself:

  • They taste great
  • They are filled with lots of fruit that have health benefits for you
  • They are easy to make
  • Here’s a sample of 5 easy fruit smoothie recipe combinations you can try today.  Add a few tablespoons of yogurt (if not listed) for a thicker mix and to add protein.

Strawberry Orange Smoothie – Made with frozen strawberries, orange juice and honey. Pop the strawberries in a zip lock bag the night before.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie – Made with a ripe banana, chocolate syrup and milk. Not sugar free with the syrup but so yummy.  Add some crushed ice to the blender for a super cold drink.

Everyday Blueberry Smoothie – Made with frozen blueberries, frozen juice and yogurt. Blueberries are a super food, so this smoothie is great for breakfast for a good start to your day.

Summertime Tropical Fruit Smoothie – Made with banana, kiwi, mango, papaya and orange juice. This smoothie has 5 fruits and is full of vitamins and tastes good too.  Again don’t forget the ice.

Easy Berry Smoothie – Use frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, juice and yogurt. I love this smoothie, its my favorite in summer because of the berries.

For 30 more smoothie recipes including the exact measures to use and pictures for inspiration go to Amazon to get my book called Chilled Out Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Easy Smoothies for One or Two.